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Isabelle Kürschner is a renowned expert on a variety of topics regarding the future of work. After her professional career in political consulting she started her own business, working with hundreds of professionals, leaders, and organizations on topics like diversity management, employer branding, and work-life-issues. Sharing her wide experience Isabelle provides the inspiration and tools to inspire a culture of trust, meaning and purpose.


Speaking Topics

Employer of the Future: The Business Case for New Work

The most talented people in the world are increasingly mobile, increasingly connected and – not to forget – increasingly discoverable by employers. Only a work environment that gives freedom, meaning, and a voice to every employee will be able to attract talent in the future.

Companies who consciously build the right kind of environment will be magnets for the most sought-after people on the planet.

Using her vast experience from working with hundreds of professionals, leaders, and organizations, Isabelle Kürschner will give you the inspiration and tools for your company and your leaders to find what it takes: a culture of trust, meaning and purpose.

Employee of the future: Set for Success

Most of us spend more time working than doing anything else in life. Shouldn’t work be a pleasure rather than a burden?

In order to create the job we enjoy today and tomorrow, we should be curious about what the future of work holds for every single one of us. At the same time, we need to be aware of the changes that will require new skillsets and mindsets for future employees. Isabelle’s advice to all employees:

Make sure to take part in defining the way your work will be undertaking.

As a dynamic speaker who lights up a crowd, Isabelle inspires employees to embrace the future of work rather than reject it. Audiences leave inspired to conquer their fears and tackle the successes that await them.


Too much work? Too little life? Many professionals are caught in a tug of war between their work and personal lives and have been saddled with impossible frameworks for how to successfully manage both. Until now. Isabelle is convinced that today nobody needs to be a victim of the circumstances. We have more options than ever before to create the life and work we want.

With tools and techniques to manage the daily rhythm of our lives, everything becomes more manageable, less stressful and even enjoyable. Isabelle will give you the inspiration and tools for you and your employees to thrive professionally and personally at the same time.

I don‘t believe in work-life-balance. At least not in the way that it is most commonly used. However, I do believe in work and life. And I strongly believe that we deserve fulfillment and happiness in both.

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